I'm 30,000 feet above the Rockies en route to Sioux City, South Dakota on a brief stopover in the US and figured now is as good a time as any to write you a quick update email. I had originally intended to send these updates quarterly but semi-annual seems to be the frequency they want ;-)

The Remote Year program I joined back in May of 2016 concluded in May of 2017 in Buenos Aires. I never returned to AZ after it ended but instead chose to continue traveling working my way up South and Central America via Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and then making another stint through various countries in Europe. I spent the last three months living in Mexico City and the last two weeks kite surfing and working in La Ventana, Mexico.  I'm now up to a total of 61 cities, 18 countries and 4 continents in the last year and a half while still performing my role for my company Pagely as Director of Sales. It's been one heck of an adventure.

Remote Year just last week did this piece on me and it's a great summary of all I've been up to since that program concluded if you want more details.

One of the Remote Year groups that followed ours was named "Ikigai" which is a Japanese word that roughly translates to "the intersection of one's purpose/mission/talents with what the world needs." Late last year I took a hard look at all the experience I've acquired over the past two years in sales, travel, marketing automation, teaching, WordPress, writing and through this lens of Ikigai decided I was uniquely positioned to deliver an online course that would help others to make the leap and do what I had been fortunate to be able to do in taking my job on the road.

I started formulating an idea for an eCourse in October and thought "yea I can probably knock this out in a few weekends, no problem."  Four months later I'm *nearly* done with it (and by nearly, I mean, four months from now I'll probably still be tweaking the content and learning management system ;-). But I'm proud to finally unveil what I've been toiling nights and weekends building: is the first course of it's kind as an online academy to help the aspiring digital nomad to make a successful transition to this lifestyle.

I share this with you because it seems like everyone knows someone who is either contemplating taking a sabbatical to get rejuvenated or toying with the idea of going abroad and working from the road. If you know such a person please pass along the Nomad Prep course as I believe I've uniquely captured and packaged all of the "road wisdom" into a resource that will beneficial for many exploring this path. I've attempted to weave in not just practical tips but formulate a compelling experience that provides both the education and motivation to ultimately make the transition.

This experience of prolonged working travel and truly integrating & living with locals in the 61-city cultural safari that's been my life the last year and a half has yielded immeasurable benefits. It's shocked me back to life. I believe this type of working arrangement can and should become more common as companies increasingly embrace telecommuting and if I can play a small role in facilitating this sea change, that would be very rewarding.

I have a few days now in the States making final preparations before leaving Feb 5th for a permanent move to Lisbon, Portugal. The #1 question I'm asked at this point is, "Why Lisbon?" Very simply, of the sixty-one cities I've lived in during my travels this is the one where I've consistently woken up most happy and excited to face each day. I had initially begun trying to thin-slice and analyze why I liked certain places more than others but somewhere around Medellin, Colombia this time last year I gave up on this pursuit and realized Malcom Gladwell is right that we can undermine our own instincts when we try to do this. Lisbon just feels like home to me. I'm moving there Monday knowing only three other souls in the town but excited to be planting in a place I love and having a bed that stays the same for awhile ;-)

My hope is to continue my work for Pagely helping us over the next major revenue milestone and ideally getting us through an eventual acquisition. Our company has tripled in size since I started and I continue to perform my role as Director of Sales in growing and supporting our sales team. If you want to learn more about what I've done, I did a talk at Pressnomics on this subject back in April of last year that was fairly well-received. While that remains my full-time focus, I plan to nurture the NomadPrep community on the side and begin mentoring startups in Lisbon and doing active angel investing in tech startups I believe I can help.

If you happen to be in Phoenix AZ, we're doing a little farewell shindig this Saturday night at my favorite restaurant on Camelback Mountain. Email me if you want to join and I'll send you the details.

And if you have any spare time and interest I would welcome any constructive critique on the Nomad Prep course as that's my labor of love right now and has commanded most of my spare energy and thought cycles. I believe it can and will help move more people to have the transformative experience I've had over the past year and a half.

I realize this is a mass, impersonal email but I always enjoy hearing from people I haven't seen in awhile- particularly what books you've found interesting or useful recently, films, ideas, other learnings and epiphanies... drop me a line and tell me what's going on in your world when you have time. I will keep you posted next quarter (aka likely late July ;-) on how the Lisbon move turns out. Be well and obrigado for taking an interest in what I'm up to.


PS. if you're on Instagram and want to keep up with my travels on a more frequent basis I post about a photo per day of something interesting and unique from my travels here. Below is the view from my porch in La Ventana the past two weeks.

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